Ascariasis Associated with Pig Farming — Maine, 2010–2013


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Authors: Roche K, Pacciani E, Bianucci R, Bailly ML
Excavation (2008-2014) carried out under the Uffizi Gallery (Florence, Italy) led to the discovery of 75 individuals, mostly buried in multiple graves. Based on Roman minted coins, the graves were preliminarily dated between the second half of the 4th and the beginning of the 5th centuries CE. Taphonomy showed that this was an emergency burial site associated with a catastrophic event, possibly an epidemic of unknown etiology with high mortality rates. In this perspective, paleoparasitological investigations were performed on 18 individuals exhumed from 9…

ConclusionResults of this study suggest thatA. lumbricoides infection might affect susceptibility to asthma in children. These results could be useful in prevention, early diagnosis and management of childhood asthma.

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by Fabr ício Marcus Silva Oliveira, Pablo Hemanoel da Paixão Matias, Lucas Kraemer, Ana Clara Gazzinelli-Guimarães, Flaviane Vieira Santos, Chiara Cássia Oliveira Amorim, Denise Silva Nogueira, Camila Simões Freitas, Marcelo Vidigal Caliari, Daniella Castanheira Bartholomeu, Lilian Lacerda Bueno, Remo Castro Russo, Ricardo Toshio Fujiwara

Ascariasis is considered the most neglected tropical disease, and is a major problem for the public health system. However, idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) is a result of chronic extracellular deposition of matrix in the pulmonary parenchyma, and th…

This study provides baseline information for better understanding the status of parasitic infections in Palestine and compares their epidemiology between the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Appropriate control measures and health education directed to the public about preventive measures should be considered to raise awareness about parasitic infections to lower their incidences and burden in Palestine.
PMID: 31769396 [PubMed – as supplied by publisher]

Homology modeling and molecular dynamics dimulation study of β carbonic anhydrase of Ascaris lumbricoides.
Bioinformation. 2019;15(8):572-578
Authors: Yadav M, Khandelwal S
Ascaris lumbricoides is the prevalent parasite causing ascariasis by infecting the human alimentary tract. This is common in the jejunum of small intestine. Therefore, it is of interest to describe the target protein β Carbonic Anhydrase involved in Ascariasis. Carbonic anhydrase (CAs, the metallo enzymes) is encoded by six evolutionary divergent gene families α, β,γ, δ, ζ, and η, …

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Authors: Mosawi SH, Dalimi A, Charkhi MA, Baarae O, Darman A, Mosavi M, Wali Baryal M, Stanikzai H
Ascariasis is an important and prevalent geo-helminth infection, especially in underdeveloped countries such as Afghanistan, where public health problems and devastation of hygienic infrastructures usually lead to the higher incidence of the infection. Here, we report two cases of intestinal obstruction that accompanied with biliary ascariasis due to Ascaris lumbercoides in pregnant women and a 6-year-old girl from Afghanistan. Biliary ascariasis can be associated with cystic duct obstruction, gallbladder dil…

Being able to visualize biology at the molecular level is essential for our understanding of the world. A structural biology approach reveals the molecular basis of disease processes and can guide the design of new drugs as well as aid in the optimization of existing medicines. However, due to the lack of a synchrotron light source, adequate infrastructure, skilled persons and incentives for scientists in addition to limited financial support, the majority of countries across the African continent do not conduct structural biology research. Nevertheless, with technological advances such as robotic protein crystallization a…

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Ascariasis is a neglected tropical disease that affects 800 million people worldwide. Whereas most people only experience light worm burden, some people experience heavy worm burdens even after several rounds …

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AbstractNowadays, wildlife is one of the most important sources of zoonoses, and it is a major concern for public health. Nevertheless, little is known about the role of wildlife as a reservoir and source of infectious diseases in the past. South America presents a wide diversity of wildlife. In the south of the continent, Argentina shelters a large diversity of neotropical carnivores. Although the paleoparasitological studies on carnivores have been increasing in southern Argentina, most of the efforts have been focused in a handful of sites located in western Patagonia. In this paper, two coprolites of felid found in Cue…

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Parasitic diseases caused by helminths (ascariasis, hookworm, trichinosis, and schistosomiasis) and protozoa (Chagas, leishmaniasis, and amebiasis) are considered serious public health problems in developing countries. Additionally, there is a limited arsenal of anti-parasitic drugs in the current pipeline and growing drug resistance. Therefore, there is a clear need for the discovery and development of new compounds that can compete and replace these drugs that have been controlling parasitic infections over the last decades. However, this approach is highly resource-intensive, expensive and time-consumi…

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