Does Birth Control Make Your Boobs Bigger?


You’ve done your
research and have chosen a birth control method that best fits your needs. Now,
the next step is to get the birth control. Luckily, birth control is now
accessible to get and can be done discreetly if you have any concerns about
others finding out that you’re taking it. Clinics and doctors are under a
patient confidentiality agreement and cannot disclose information to other
people, including parental guardians.

If you’re wondering
how to get birth control, you should know that there are no age restrictions to
get it. But you will need to have a prescription from a healthcare professional
to get any form of hormonal birth control. You can get a prescription from your
doctor, walk-in clinic, and sometimes pharmacists. If you’re looking for
non-hormonal birth control such as condoms, diaphragms, or vaginal sponge, then you do not need a prescription. You
can get any of these birth control methods at your local drug store and some
health clinics.

With all the side
effects, costs, effectiveness, and other things to consider, finding a method of
birth control that’s right for you can be somewhat overwhelming. To explain how
to get birth control, we’ll discuss what you will need to purchase it, where to
get it, and the average cost below.

What You Need to Buy Birth Control 

Like other
prescription medications, hormonal birth control needs to be prescribed by a
doctor. Therefore, birth control is not available over the counter and must be
obtained through a licensed physician. To get a prescription from your doctor,
you will need to setup an appointment with them to discuss your specific needs
and to determine what the best method of birth control is for you.

In some areas, you
can get medications like birth control at online pharmacies and have the
product shipped directly to you. While this simplifies the process of how to
get birth control, you will still need a prescription from your doctor before
you can buy your birth control online. Most online websites will require the
original copy of your prescription to process your order. If you get your birth
control from an online, it will simply be mailed directly to your door. If you
stumble upon a website that doesn’t require a prescription, then there is a
good chance that the company is operating illegally and should not be trusted.

The Cost of Birth Control

The price of hormonal birth control will vary depending on where you get it and if you have medical coverage. The cost will also depend on the brand of birth control and the method of birth control itself.

Typically, birth control pills are the most cost effective (between $7 – $20 per package. If you have an insurance plan or qualify for government funding, then the cost of birth control pills will most likely be covered. IUD’s are the most effective form of birth control in terms but can cost upwards of $800 without any coverage. Interested in learning about the cost of all birth control methods? Check out this article here with a full price breakdown.

And if you’re still
wondering how to
get birth control, you should speak with your doctor and they can direct you to
the most cost-effective route!

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