Just got Kyleena inserted : birthcontrol


I’ve seen a lot of posts that scared me about my initial insertion, people were giving it a 8-9/10 on the pain scale. I got my IUD inserted today and I was so nervous by the time I got to my appointment that the nurse was concerned about my blood pressure cause it was spiked due to anxiety (she either said 150 or 160 but I didn’t hear her clearly cause I was too nervous to listen lol but it was 120 when she rechecked it before I left). Anyways, the whole process was less than like 5 minutes and the pain wasn’t fun but it was tolerable (I don’t know if I have a high pain tolerance or not though). I’d give the worst part of the procedure a 7/10. Now that I’m home I’m having dull cramps like I would get during day 2 of my period when the bleeding is heaviest. The cramps aren’t fun but also tolerable because it’s pretty much just period cramps. Overall, the experience was good, fast, and a lot less painful than what I expected! Hopefully everything continues to be good but I just wanted to share in case anyone was on the fence. I’d definitely recommend it because it’s 5 minutes of being uncomfortable during the procedure for 5 years of birth control.

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