Does Mirena make anyone else gain weight/make it super hard to lose weight??? : birthcontrol


Hi guys! So I need some perspective. I am 5’3” but have an athletic build due to playing sports my entire light.

I got my mirena put in January of 2016. March of 2016 I gained weight and maybe went up to 145ish. That summer August 2016 I weighed about 135 lbs. At this point in 2016 I didn’t really watch what I ate nor did I exercise a considerable amount. So this weight was just fluctuating.

January 2017- August 2017 I gained some weight again and fluctuated up to 145 again.

Now 2018/2019 I have made an increased effort of tracking my calories, exercising regularly and living a healthier lifestyle then before but my weight to this day fluctuates 154-158.

I am at an absolute lost of what to do because it has really effected my self confidence. I live a healthier lifestyle now then I had previously and yet it seems the weight fluctuates more and to higher levels and it’s a lot harder to lose.

Has anyone else had this experience?

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