Cystic acne that only comes around right before my period, plus getting Implant, need some advice! : birthcontrol



I’ve posted here before and got such helpful feedback, figured I’d give it another go!

After switching between thinking I wanted the IUD, then the implant, then the IUD…..I’ve 95% settled on the implant and will be getting it soon. I just have one last question/concern!

One of the main reasons I’m leaning towards the Implant is because I know that the hormone in the IUD is known for worsening acne, plus my cystic acne comes around just after ovulation and before my period…and the IUD doesn’t stop the cycle.

Is it likely that, since my acne is cycle-related and the implant stops the cycle/ovulation, my acne will lessen? In the past, when I haven’t ovulated I haven’t gotten cystic acne, just regular acne! Or is the implant hormone an androgen, like the IUD hormone?


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