Bleeding after Kyleena insertion : birthcontrol



Okay so I got my Kyleena inserted on 8/5 and then went back to school/reunited with my bf. The initial insertion went great and I had a bit of spotting for like a day and then it went away. I’ve experienced some light cramps during workouts but other than that no bleeding/cramps. However, I have been noticing that almost every time my bf and I have P.I.V. sex I start to bleed. Not a lot though, but enough to notice. I don’t feel any pain during sex so I don’t think it’s an infection or anything. Is this normal side effect spotting with the IUD or is it a sign that something’s wrong? I’m always a little paranoid about bc but I’ve had no other side effects other than this bleeding and it’s literally only with P.I.V. sex.


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