What happens to the natural hormone levels your body makes (estrogen and progesterone) while on the pill? Are they still there on the side just going up and down while the pills hormones are up ? Does the body completely stop producing the natural hormones since the pill took over? Do they combine? : birthcontrol


From what I know, your body doesn’t produce them anymore while you take the pill. Otherwise I’m not sure how ovulation would stay suppressed. From what I’ve seen in studies, they measure whether ovulation is suppressed by having estrogen and progesterone levels under a certain threshold, so if they were to fluctuate all the time like they did on a natural cycle, I doubt that would keep ovulation under control.

It’s also why your body would need time to readjust to having natural cycles once you go off the pill. When discontinuing methods that inhibit ovulation, cycles can be wonky/irregular for some time, while the body figures out the gist of making its own hormones, balancing them, and readjusting to regular cycles and ovulation.

I don’t have a scientific source for this unfortunately, so I’d really love it if someone would chime in with some actual, hands-on evidence. For now, I’ve only found this Medium article that says,

People using the most common forms of hormonal contraception don’t ovulate. These methods stop the usual production patterns of reproductive hormones and prevent the ovaries from releasing eggs. They do this by stopping or changing the usual hormonal “cycling.” Exceptions include the “mini pill” and the levonorgestrel IUD. These methods work in a different way, but still prevent ovulation in some people (5).

If you’re comfortable with it, contact your gynecologist about it. They should know better and have some better backup to support their claim.

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