I’ve been bleeding for 2 weeks after skipping placebo pills, is this normal? Am I safe? : birthcontrol


This is my first time on birth control and I posted here like two or three weeks ago because I was brown spotting, but after that I started bleeding. The first days it was very light and darker than my periods but it’s gotten heavier and brighter during this last week, almost like a period (btw my period was due this exact week but I skipped the brown pills to not have it, apparently it didn’t work) so now I’m wondering if my dose is too low. I’ve taken the pill religiously every single day and I’ve been having unprotected sex so now I’m afraid. I guess being constantly bleeding makes it even harder to get impregnated but I still worry. And obviously I don’t like having these periods but if it’s normal and will go away I’m fine with that

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