Ask your health care provider how short they cut your IUD strings. : birthcontrol


I’ve had two IUDs: Mirena (Jan 2015-Sept 2015) and Flexi-T 300 (June 20th 2019-August 20st 2019). This post pertains to my Flexi-T 300.

I asked my inserting doctor how short he cuts the strings, and he told me “pretty short, so don’t worry if you can’t feel them.” Not the best advice, but okay. At least I knew to expect short strings.

Two days ago I did a string check. I could feel over an inch of string. Once I positioned my fingers correctly to be able to grab it, I barely had to pull for my IUD to come out. No cramping, no pain. My IUD had partially expelled, and I only knew because of how much more string I could feel. I could not feel the base of the IUD itself, but I knew it wasn’t in.

Just because the string is there doesn’t mean your IUD is in place. Please don’t go running to your doctor every month when you check, but just take notice of how much you can feel each time. If the string seems substantially longer, make an appointment to get it checked and use an alternative method until then!

Also remember to not stress if you can’t feel your strings. Strings can curl up into the cervical canal, and your cervical position changes throughout your cycle and with stress/tension. Take a deep breath and try again the next day.

Edit: I have not had an abortion or given birth (nulliparous). My first IUD was removed at my request, but was in the correct position for the whole time I had it.

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