Hydrocortisone – An Answer To The Prayers Of Prostate Cancer Patients


In the pharmaceutical industry, Hydrocortisone is often thought of as a wonder drug that treats several medical conditions. Recently it has come to be known as an effective remedy in treating patients who develop cancer of the prostate gland. The drug is best administered in combination with other substances that help stop the proliferation of cancer cells. Hydrocortisone is effective in bolstering the immune system and as an anti-cancer drug administered to prostate cancer patients, this drug works moderately well.

After years of intensive research and experimentation, in the year 2002, the Prostate Cancer Research Institute came up with a solution to combat the growth of cancer cells in the prostate gland. They discovered that when Ketoconazole and Hydrocortisone were combined, the results on a cancer patient were nothing short of a miracle. Papers were published post clinical trials. Those who conducted the research added High Dose Ketoconazole to Hydrocortisone when treating 17 patients, who offered to be their guinea pigs. They felt they had nothing to lose. To their pleasant surprise, they found that their spreading prostate cancer, which hadn’t been treated thus far, was responding to the treatment that involved the combination of HDK and HC. The results were very satisfying. The pain they had earlier suffered reduced by almost 90% and out of the 17 men who underwent the tests, 2 showed no symptoms of the disease two and a half years after the treatment was started.

In another experiment where the Hydrocortisone and Ketoconazole combination was tried out with a lower dosage of the latter, the results were astounding. Twenty-eight men volunteered for this treatment. They had undergone a different form of treatment earlier, a treatment that involved the suppression of testosterone and androgen levels. In the new treatment with Hydrocortisone and Ketoconazole, despite reducing the percentage of the latter, the drug worked wonders. Out of the 28 patients who said ‘yes’ to the treatment, the PSA density decreased by half in 13.

Besides Ketoconazole, experiments were also conducted using Hydrocortisone with Suramin. This combination worked well too. For one, the pain undergone by the patients (about 43%) was greatly reduced and the effects lasted for approximately nine months. What was more encouraging was the fact that the drug seemed to stop the cancer from proliferating. Different combinations with Hydrocortisone were tried with different patients and it was established that the best results came from the Suramin-Hydrocortisone and Ketoconazole-Hydrocotisone combinations.

Prostate cancer has reached alarming proportions in America where more and more older men seem to be affected. Some strains are irrepressible like the ones independent of androgen, rendering early treatments useless. That’s why it is important to try out new methods to treat prostate cancer and Hydrocortisone seems to be the best option in combination with other substances.

Source by Milos Pesic