Types of Compensation



If you have been injured we can claim compensation for the Pain and Suffering. Compensation awards in the UK still do not compare to those in the USA (see below for examples), but do not forget that you can also recover your expenses arising from the accident.

In all cases you can claim for:

Compensation for your pain and suffering, together with the disruption to your everyday life

lost earnings

lost pension contributions

the cost of medical treatment

damaged personal possessions

the cost of employing domestic assistance

damaged property

cancelled holidays fees

compensation for those who cared for you, even if they were not paid

postage and telephone costs

extra heating bills if you are housebound

In motor cases you can claim for:

your excess

the cost of hiring a car

the cost of repairs

your inconvenience if are without a car whilst it is being repaired or replaced

Typical awards for pain and suffering alone:

Neck strain lasting a couple of weeks £500

Neck strain for a few weeks with absence from work £1500

Whiplash with recovery within two years £3750

Simple fracture of leg (tibia or fibula) with full recovery £4750

Fracture finger with full recovery within a few weeks £1000-£2000

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Source by Andrew Bowen