Spotting 12 days after taking plan B? : birthcontrol


My bf (24) and I (23) have been using condoms during sex and haven’t had a single issue with a condom.

12 days ago, we tried cowgirl position and when taking the condom off of him I got the contents of the condom on my hand. Suddenly, it was like the moments prior were erased from my memory. I washed my hands off and made sure not to touch myself. As to not risk it, I took a plan B just in case. Although I should have been fine, I think I was just taking it off in a weird way.

Backstory: I have high anxiety when it comes to this because I’ve had a previous partner betray my trust and continued despite his knowledge that the condom broke and didn’t tell me until after. So I’m quite aware that my reactions are overboard, and I try to keep reasonable most times but sometimes the overreaction takes over.

TODAY, I saw two spots of fresh blood in my underwear after having slight cramps, I went to the bathroom wiped and saw a small spot of blood on the paper.

I use a menstrual cup so I put that in, relieved that it might be the start of my period. I checked my cup before bed and what was in there was barely anything and it was brown. Like the end of a period, I wiped and there was brown on the paper as well as some fresh blood but not much. A second wipe garnered 0 traces of anything.

Rather than waiting until morning or another two days when my period is due, my anxiety and overthinking got to me and I took a pregnancy test. It came out negative.

I’ve just never had this happen before and I’m not sure what to make of it. My period is due in 2 days according to my period app I’ve been tracking for 4 years and I had spotting 12 days after my just in case plan B.

My mind is kind of going wild, thinking and reaching. Maybe something happened when he touched himself then fingered you?

But my test came out negative, very bold one line. And my body is slowly starting my pre-period symptoms but not as strong as I’m used to having cramps etc. I know at the moment I’m being over-hyper aware of my body.

I guess what I really need is someone to talk to… I’ve got mostly male friends, my female friends don’t receive their periods due to birth control they are on and I can’t use it due to health reasons. I don’t feel as though I have someone to relate to.

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