My ParaGard IUD insertion experience (Virgin) : birthcontrol



I am 18F and have never had sex. My wedding is August 30 this Friday so about a month and a half ago I went to the doctor to get on a form of birth control. I was super nervous to have a doctor touch me down there so I just asked for a pill form. I took the combination pill for about a month and a half and oh boy. I was a grouchy, super short tempered individual the whole time. It was hell on earth with all the wedding planning on top of everything. I am usually really laid back so this took a toll on everyone around me. On Saturday I just broke down from the stress of the added hormones and the impending wedding. Fiancé and I decided let’s just do the iud. I’ll be honest I was terrified because of all the stories I have read on this sub. To top it off I had never had sex or had anyone touch me done there besides myself to put in tampons. The wait going to the ob was really hard because I was so nervous. The doctor prescribed a softening medication for my cervix and Vicodin for my nerves. The appointment was scheduled for 4:30 and I was to take the softening meds at 12:00 and the Vicodin at 4:00. When I finally got there the nurses were all super friendly and supportive. My mom and my fiancé were there to support as well. The doctor had me undress from the waist down. I was blushing pretty hard as this was my first ever experience. I got situated on the table and my fiancé left the room to get the doctor. My mom stayed to support me. The first thing the doctor did was show me the ParaGard and what it looked like and felt like. It was way smaller than I pictured it. Then he disinfected my labia and stuck in the speculum. Oh my gosh that hurt. He cranked it open and it was so uncomfortably tight and pinching throughout the entire procedure. My mom held my hand and I just laid back and shut my eyes as tight as I could. The doctor told me everything as he did it. Even swabbing the disinfectant on my cervix hurt. When he measured the length of my uterus was probably he most painful part. It was a very cramping and pinching pain deep inside me. Deeper than I thought. Pain was 7-8/10. After that I just about asked my mom to tell him to take a break but before I could he was inserting the actual iud. That was a similar intense deep pain 7/10. Soon after that he did one more thing and then removed the instruments. My mom held my hand and just said to lay back until I was ready to sit up. She told me I was as white as the pillow I was laying on and my forehead was all clammy. I stayed on my back for a few minutes and slowly got up. I had the procedure done on Monday and I am still bleeding through several tampons a day. My wedding is Friday so fingers crossed it is over by then haha. Thanks for reading! I hope this helps someone prepare. Sorry ladies it is every bit as painful as they say it is. 😬👍


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