Thank god i did not read any IUD insertions stories before getting mine. : birthcontrol


This past Wednesday I had my kyleena inserted and holy crap did it hurt (it lasted 2 minutes tops). I’m also a wuss with a very low pain tolerance. I felt fine immediately after the insertion, but the doc took one look at me and was like “Yeah, don’t stand up, you’ve lost all color in your face.” I was super embarrassed, but the doctor was super sweet and assured me that it’s common.

But I want to know, how common is it really? Like I full on got dizzy to the point of fainting (pretty sure I did at one point). I got very hot and began sweating profusely. I ended up throwing up my pervious meal (sorry for the tmi) and had cramps all day long, I had to take sleeping meds to be able to rest at all.

I see people post horror stories about the insertion, but did anyone else experience any of these things afterwards?

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