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Many people with diabetes hate the word Control.

“Control” is used frequently in regards to people with diabetes, and it’s a polarizing categorization. We hear it at doctors offices, we hear it in descriptions of us and others. You either have:

Good Control or Bad Control

Tight Control or Uncontrolled

What does that mean? What does it imply or what do we hear when those words are spoken (or written)?

Controlled = contained, disciplined, restrained.

Uncontrolled = undisciplined, unchecked, chaotic. 

No one wants to feel out of control. It’s a very helpless, hopeless and vulnerable spot to be.

The categorization of control pits us against each other and says that one person is better than the other.

No one with diabetes has perfect control all the time. It’s impossible.

You forget a bolus, make an insulin mistake, eat a little too much, eat something with a hidden high-carb ingredient, hormones, illness, a bad infusion site, insulin pooling under the skin…. there are a million reasons why your blood glucose levels might be higher than what you anticipated.

No one can avoid all of these factors all the time.

No blame. We’ve all been there. We’re all learning. We’ve all have to start from somewhere.

Enough with the negativity around diabetes. Let’s break free from the standards of good or bad control.

Let’s all strive for increased control, starting from where we are right now, in this moment.

Let’s work towards more predictability, stability and peace in our everyday lives, by doing what we can, and taking the easy steps so that diabetes doesn’t have control over us anymore.

Remember, we are all in this diabetes adventure together.

I am not better than you, and you are not better than the person next door. We are simply at different parts of this journey.

We all need each other for support, information, and personal stories, all with an underlying theme of acceptance and love.

Be gentle with yourselves, strive for acceptance in your everyday life, and work towards improvement–from wherever you’re starting right now.

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