The Amazing Benefits of DHEA Supplements


DHEA, properly called dehydroepiandrosterone, is a naturally occurring substance in the human body, and the benefits of DHEA are both physical and mental. As the most abundantly produced hormone in the body, it functions to keep the body in balance, and a healthy level is essential to maintaining a maximally functioning body.

The benefits of DHEA have been scientifically linked to improving general well-being, quality of life, exercise capacity, sex drive, and helping to control levels of hormones for people with Addison’s disease. Weight loss, decreased depression, and an increased cognitive performance are also scientifically backed DHEA benefits. Its healing and strengthening properties are so strong that it has been scientifically shown to benefit AIDS patients and people with Crohn’s disease. But there are also benefits of DHEA that extend to a wider population: those who are aging, mentally or physically tired, overweight or depressed.

DHEA levels decrease as people age, and low DHEA is therefore a precursor to aging symptoms. Supplementing a diet with appropriate amounts of this supplement may help decrease signs of aging. It also helps treat menopause and unpleasant age-related ailments. In addition, low DHEA levels have been found to be related to low energy levels, a slow metabolism, low bone density and an increased risk of broken bones and osteoporosis, low sex drive and an increased risk of cancer. By increasing levels of DHEA in the body, these risks may be avoided. Metabolism can be boosted, which leads to weight loss. Increased energy and healthier bones are other benefits of DHEA that you can achieve through supplements. A younger and healthier body is within modern medicine’s grasp today.

One of the most important benefits of DHEA is that it is a natural substance, but you need to be aware of dangers of DHEA as well. Beyond being a substance naturally produced by the human body, wild yams are a natural source of DHEA, as they produce a plant substance called diosgenin of which DHEA is a derivative. DHEA supplements are made from this naturally occurring matter.

Regardless of your reason for taking this supplement, make sure you consult your physician first. Just because something is natural or derived from a natural substance does not mean it will not cause mild side effects or more serious health complications. Therefore, always talk to your doctor first to discuss any conventional or alternative treatment options.

Source by Stan Rogers