Copper IUD – I’m in love (24f) : birthcontrol


Hey y’all,

Just thought I’d pop on and share my experience with my copper IUD I had inserted in June. I switched from a Mirena hormonal which I liked, but I found that it reduced my sex drive, gave me acne, and I was getting more yeast infections than I would have liked to…not entirely sure if related or not but anyways. I also really wanted to try a hormone free me (since I hadn’t had that since going on the pill at 14).

Anyways my experience so far:


  • my SKIN! – going from the pill which gave me immaculate skin to the Mirena broke me out like I’d never experienced before. I’m talking bacne and regular acne galore. I spent so much money on skin treatments and medication. Anyways, my skin has cleared and now I only get the odd pimple here and there. Amazing.

  • no hormones – I really feel back in tune with my body, which I really haven’t experienced since 14. It’s a cool feeling and doesn’t make me worry about what the hormones could do to me when I’m 75

  • sex drive is back – yay

  • haven’t had a yeast infection or UTI since but who knows if coincidence or not

CONS -insertion is still the same as hormonal but it’s really only 3 minutes of pain and you’re set for 10 years with nothing to worry about

  • my period is slightly heavier and lasts a day longer, this really doesn’t bother me since I lost my period almost completely on Mirena and I didn’t feel good about it, it worries me not having it. I feel like a normal gal again as I did before the Mirena. The cramping hasn’t changed much, even without period on Mirena I was still cramping the same

Anyways. I read a lot of horror stories online for both Mirena and copper and I would say go for it if you’re considering. I feel protected and hormone free. I’m happy to answer anything about it if ive missed something.

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