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September gives us all a chance for a fresh start, a new opportunity to do things right. For example, if you didn’t use the calendar on your phone to manage your hectic schedule last year, maybe you want to give that a try. Or maybe you didn’t enforce homework immediately after the kids get home, and this year you want to be more structured. It is a perfect time to reassess and make changes. This can make your life a lot easier and if we apply it to our diabetes care, maybe just maybe, we can relieve some of the burden.

This month at Diabetes Daily, we will be focusing on starting the school year on the right foot. We will offer you tips and advice from parents of children with type 1 on how to make the transition back a little less stressful. We will help you learn how to meal prep, which will make your week a little healthier and a lot less busy. We will also continue to report our findings from our Habits of a Great A1c report–to provide you with information so that you can make better choices regarding your diabetes care.

The past few months, okay few means three, so more like the past six months have been much harder than usual. My blood sugars have been all over the place and it doesn’t seem to matter whether I am trying or not. When this happens, it can leave you feeling frustrated and defeated. It can make you want to just throw in the towel and stop putting any effort in, wondering if it’s even worth it. But we don’t give up, do we? No, we reassess and make changes!

I scheduled an endocrinologist appointment knowing I would have to go in there and advocate for some change. You see, my A1c wound up being a 6.1%, which isn’t considered “bad”, but my standard deviation was less than stellar. Instead of having my physician refill my prescriptions and send me on my way, I spoke up. I explained that while I know my A1c is ok, I want to strive for better. I reasoned that the standard deviation is more telling about my care than my A1c and that I wanted to try and eliminate some of those highs and lows. I mentioned a few areas that I’ve been trying to troubleshoot unsuccessfully on my own, and then I offered some suggestions. She agreed with me about some of the changes and offered alternative advice to others, and I gladly accepted her expertise and some new tools to help with my diabetes management.

September is a perfect time to to make positive changes that will help you have a smooth and successful school year ahead. Have you made some positive changes that resulted in better diabetes management? Please share and comment below!

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