I recently started taking Diane birth control pill, I need some reassurance/advice


Hi everyone!!
I recently started taking again Diane bc pill. I used to take it years ago and it completely cleared up my skin. Now I had to restart because my hormones somehow went crazy again and my acne got back. It’s horrible, but at least just on the cheeks area.
I was wondering, how long did it take for you guys to see results? I finished two packages and right started with the third, so I have to get my period, and my acne got worst in the last 2 days. Its’ not THAT bad as I started but still I’m kinda sad at this point because this is affecting my self confidence soooo much and I hoped that my skin would have been better for around half August.

I need some reassurance from someone who took this pill as well :/ I don’t remember how much it took for me the first time to get clear skin. I just hate to stare at a mirror at this point lol what could also help healing it? I’m trying to cut dairy, I train everyday, I eat healthy, no alcohol, so I really have no clue why all of this is coming out of nothing now.

Thank you so much for reading, I’m really sorry for the mistakes :/

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