The 4 Effective Benefits of a Hot Stone Massage Therapy


A massage is known to relax the tension and strain that the body goes through due to various reasons that may evolve from the daily activities at home or workplace. The unusual symptoms like feeling tired, being fatigued, headaches, body aches, etc. result from stress and tension. All emotional qualms have a harmful effect on the physical body and thus leading to several physical illnesses. It is then when you can avail a relaxing therapeutic body massage using various elements like aromatic oils, hot stones or simply the use of hands applying pressure to the problematic areas of the body.

One such effective therapy to reduce stress and muscle tension is the hot stone massage. It includes the use of smooth stones that are heated or steamed and then placed on the affected areas of the body. The heat emitted from the stones is known to penetrate deep into the skin and to relax the muscles to release the tension. This is known to give significant results to a body that is stressed and has aches. There are various benefits that you may receive from it.

• Stress management – Stress may arise in your body due to pressure from the professional front or at home. You often cannot figure out solutions to problems and thus leading to an increased development of stress. It often leads to chronic health issues and thus availing a hot stone therapy can help you relax and ease out stress to a certain extent. The heat from the stones can help your muscles to relax and release the tension.
• Better blood circulation – While you receive pain in your muscles with cramps and stiffness, it is often because of the accumulation of toxins in them. While the heated stone is placed on such problem areas, the toxins get released leading to better circulation of blood. A replenished muscle functions well after it has been released from tension.
• Relief from pain – All natural therapies let you get rid of the pain, but nothing works better and efficiently than that of a hot stone therapy. The heat that the body receives from the stones is effective than the heat received from the pressure applied by hands. The results are faster and relieve pain quickly. While you are availing a hot stone therapy, it is crucial to let the therapist know about the level of heat that you can endure. Overheated stones may leave burns on your body and thus leaving you injured.
• Replenished mental health – While the tension from the parts of the body is released with the help of this therapy, it simultaneously affects the mental health. You would notice that your mind is fresh and stress-free. It would provide you enthusiasm to work and perform activities normally.

Source by Natasha Unger Nandi