Scholarships for Students Impacted by Cancer


A cancer diagnosis and
treatment can overwhelm a family with medical bills and increased insurance
costs for years to come. At the same time, families may have a loss of income
while a parent leaves work for treatment or to care for a child with cancer.
For childhood cancer survivors or children of a parent with cancer, college may
be viewed as a luxury the family cannot afford. Fortunately for these
individuals, there are quite a few organizations offering college scholarships
for cancer survivors, siblings, and students with a parent battling cancer or
those who have lost a parent to cancer.

If you are a student who has had a cancer diagnosis, have a parent with a diagnosis, or have lost a parent to cancer, these sites will help you find some resources to pursue your goal of a college education. You also want to ask at your treatment center for referrals to local scholarship funds and grants that may be available. Many individuals start these funds to honor a cancer patient—but these are extremely grassroots types of organizations—usually available to other individuals in the same geographic community. Do not be afraid to ask your social worker for help in identifying potential local resources for funding. The university you attend may also have designated scholarship funds available for students with disabilities, including cancer. It never hurts to ask the financial aid office if these opportunities may be available at you college/university.

Other sources of financial
assistance for people with or impacted by cancer:


A comprehensive source of student financial aid information. The site’s creator, Mark Kantrowitz, is a testicular cancer survivor and has created a complete listing of scholarship aid available for students affected by cancer.

Cancer for College

Provides college
scholarship and professional mentoring to low income, high achieving cancer

National Collegiate
Cancer Foundation

Provides need based financial support to survivors pursuing higher education throughout their treatment and for survivors up to age 35.

Children’s Cause for
Cancer Advocacy (CCCA)

Provides scholarships for
childhood cancer survivors who are also dedicated to furthering advocacy
efforts for childhood cancer survivors.

The Children’s Hospital
of Philadelphia

Maintains a list of
scholarship opportunities for cancer survivors.

Patient Advocate
Foundation Academic Scholarships for Survivors

Provides financial
support to cancer patients and individuals with a chronic or life changing
illness who were diagnosed in the last five years and are under the age of 25.

Ulman Cancer Fund for
Young Adults

This group offers college
scholarships to students affected by cancer, as well as support services,
education, community outreach, and advocacy.

Toby Merrill Scholarship

Provides financial assistance
for children seeking to attend college with the goal of empowering those
deserving children to reach their full potential and experience the joys of

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