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Have you ever wished to have the glucose readings from your Freestyle Libre continuous glucose monitor (CGM) displayed directly on your smartwatch?

Ambrosia Systems is a company focused on delivering your blood glucose readings from your FreeStyle Libre device to any Bluetooth-connected device, such as your phone or smartwatch.

It utilizes something called a BlueCon, which connects to the Libre sensor and transmits the readings to your smart device. The company also offers other applications that enable various data and follow/share features, including the LinkBluCon App and the FollowBlueCon App.

Photo by Ambrosia Systems

Earlier this year, Ambrosia announced their brand new “direct-to-Apple Watch” system, the Nightrider BluCon.

According to the press release,

The new NightRider BluCon works with Apple watch to display glucose readings from the FreeStyle Libre and Libre Pro sensors on Apple watch without the phone. After the initial setup of Ambrosia’s NightRider and LinkBluCon app on the iPhone, the user can change the mode to Apple Watch on LinkBluCon’s settings screen, this will switch the NightRider connection from the iPhone to Apple Watch and will start displaying glucose readings on Apple Watch without the phone. If Apple Watch has a cellular connection, parents can install Ambrosia’s FollowBluCon app on their phone and, after setup, will be able to see glucose readings updates of their child every five minutes.

Undoubtedly, new applications that help patients with diabetes see and share their glucose data more easily are important and can help improve both diabetes management and patient safety. It can be especially useful for caretakers, like parents, who wish to monitor their child’s blood glucose levels during school hours or a sporting event.

We will continue to bring you recent updates and developments on this and other technologies that can help people with diabetes live healthier lives.

Do you use a device that helps you easier see and share your readings? Please share this article and leave your thoughts in the comments.

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