Neurosurgery in India – Merits, Demerits, Costs


A very broad scope for medical tourism to attract the international patients towards India is neurosurgery with latest methodologies at a comparative cost. In Western countries it costs 7 to 8 times more than that in India. There are many international patients coming to India for this surgery as they are paying thousands of dollars for it in their own country and still are in waiting list. Neurosurgery in India is offered at a very less price as compared to other western countries like UK, US, Canada.

Most of the people think that Neurosurgery is related only with brain surgery. But that's not true. It is the branch that deals with brain, spine, peripheral nerves and the arteries of the neck. It is the surgery of nervous system. It is the medical specialty that focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of brain, spine (spinal cord, spinal column) etc. It is done by the physician who specializes in neurosurgery. In our nervous system, brain is the main commander; it controls our movements, sensations of our body. Our nerves bring the information from the different parts of body to the brain. They also take the orders of brain to the muscles of face, legs, arms and rest of the parts of the body. It however requires great caution as any operation dealing with the brain or spinal cord can cause paralysis (systemic), brain damage, infection, psychosis, or even death.

Cost and Merits

The total cost of neurosurgery in India is very affordable. Almost all patients choose their surgeons on the basis of costs when it comes to the surgery. India has a great panel of experienced neurosurgeons who will give their best to you. This is one of the major surgeries for which patients opt for Medical Tourism services with Avon facilities, modern medical technologies. This surgery cuts the cost in half in India !! You can also have the advantage of high quality and adventurous holiday package. This surgery is 50% cheaper in India than America, Europe.


As we all know that India is offering low cost medical procedures to international people, but still there are many barriers like they don't have the confidence that India has developed its counterparts. They have also the difficulty to choose a good neurosurgeon and the hospital as they are coming for the first time for neurosurgery in India. Medical tourism companies have flooded India so it is more confusing to choose the best. The main priority of the patients should not be cheap price but the surgery under an experienced and board certified surgeon. Other problems are also there like passport, visa, climate, language, culture etc which the patient has to look into. For patients considerable cost savings should be the main priority instead of the lowest rates.

Source by Rajshree Nagesham