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Omnipod DASH Display and VIEW Apps Are Available Now for IOS…

The Omnipod VIEW™ app allows users to see the insulin delivery information of friends and loved ones whether they’re in the next room or across the country. Omnipod VIEW™ is an application that allows you to view PDM data and Pod status information from any Podder™ who sends you an invitation. Upon accepting the Podder’s™ invitation, the Viewer can see the Podder’s™ important therapy-related information, such as alerts and alarms, Insulin On Board (IOB), last bolus, last blood glucose reading, current basal program, PDM battery status, and more.

No matter where your Podder™ is, the Omnipod VIEW™ app offers peace of mind by keeping you connected and informed.

“I can’t quite describe how thrilling it is to be able to see my daughter’s Omnipod data on my phone — her IOB, last bolus, basal settings, history, all of it! It’s like having the DASH PDM display right on my phone.”
— D-Mom Meredith

With the Omnipod VIEW™ App, You Can:

  • Monitor your Podder’s™ insulin delivery and Omnipod DASH™ System status remotely
  • Stay connected on up to 12 Podders™
  • Enable notifications to your smartphone about Podder™ status for increased peace of mind
  • Use the Omnipod iPhone widget for convenient access to insulin delivery information on the Today View
  • Set up the Omnipod VIEW™ app’s iPhone widget next to the Dexcom widget for a quick glance of your Podder’s™ DASH™ PDM and continuous glucose monitor (CGM) information on a single screen.
Omnipod View

Image source: Arden’s Day

Omnipod DISPLAY™ is an application that displays your Omnipod DASH™ System information directly on your iOS smartphone.

With the Omnipod DISPLAY™ App, You Can:


  • Monitor your insulin delivery and Omnipod DASH™ System status conveniently and discreetly from your smartphone.
  • Use the Find My PDM feature to quickly locate a misplaced PDM. Note that this feature works within Bluetooth® wireless technology range
  • Set up the Omnipod DISPLAY™ app’s iPhone widget next to your Dexcom widget for a quick glance of your DASH™ PDM and CGM information on a single screen.
  • Invite up to 12 friends and family members to use the Omnipod VIEW™ application which allows them to view your insulin delivery and Omnipod DASH™ System information on their own smartphones.

Enable Omnipod DASH™ System notifications to your smartphone.

Omnipod display

Image source: Arden’s Day

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