Bug Bites – Solutions and Treatments


Generally, bugs, although they are very annoying for us, their bite it is not so painful or awful, it may only resume to a local itchiness, and not even dangerous to our health. But as know an action can have an equal opposed action, so on some of us who are much sensitive than others, bug bites can produce allergic reactions that can harm us temporarily or definitively, or death can occur. As we know, when a bug bites to feed with the victims (prays) blood, his organism injects some chemicals into the victims (prays) body, that can act as an local anesthetic, that paralyses the nerves from the bite zone, for the bug to feed safe with the necessary volume (quantity) of blood. Some spiders are such powerful, that they can even completely paralyze their pray (of course we are talking about little mammals). Watch out for the big spiders and even scorpions, because their bite can result in serious damage to your health, because of their highly dangerous venom that they are carrying.

The most severe reactions to bug bites are known as generating a condition generally knows as anaphylaxis. The symptoms that occur can be more dangerous than the ones of a usually allergy and can include: breathing problems, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, strong chills and even more severe health problems that can cause coma and even death.

The treatment for bug bites

The first and the most important and smart thing to do is to get away from the aggressive or violent colony or from the bug that attacked you and to remain calm and cool.

Remove the stingers from your body in case you were stung by a bee or worst, by an entire colony of bees. If you can not do it yourself you may need help from others that are near you or seek medical attention. Quickly remove the stinger, because the longer it stays in your body, the more venom it can transmit to your body and the more damage you will suffer. Remove gentle the stinger with appropriate tweezers.

In order to prevent the future inflammations, it will be wise to apply an ice pack to the sting bites.

Bendryl it can become very helpful for you if you are dealing with local itchiness, because it is a very good antihistamine.

Also you can use all sort of tropical creams based on hydrocortisone.

In case of anaphylaxis symptoms it is wise to use epinephrine or even adrenaline. I you know that you are allergic to bug bites it will be very good to have the medicines for this illness always on to you, because if you will be attacked by a bee, wasp or bug, it is very important to have and take a dose of them, in order to survive the allergy and the shock. These medicines can make the difference between life and death.

In case you don’t have the medicines to you, call immediately 911, and you will be treated very fast and good on an Ambulance, or if it is very serious, in an Emergency Room.

You will find handy to have a First Aid Kit near you, in case of an emergency. A First Aid Kit for bug bites can have some ordinary objects such as a tweezers, pain relievers or premade ice packs and tropical creams based on hydrocortisone, and usual stuff such as bandages, scissors, bandages or alcohol for keeping the affected zone clean. It will be smart and safe for you to have these kind of objects in your home and in your car, and to use every time on you, a cell phone to phone 911 in case you are somewhere in a isolated place.

Source by Keith Mill