Homeopathic Remedies to Strengthen the Adrenal Glands


The star-shaped hormone secreting glands that sit on top of our kidneys are our adrenal glands – their purpose in life is to regulate our response to stress with the hormones cortisol and adrenaline. They also work at carbohydrate metabolism and the regulation of sugar in our bodies. When they are overworked, we experience too much stress and they can become significantly weakened. Weak adrenal glands can cause a whole host of problems, such as insulin resistance, diabetes, chronic fatigue syndrome and Addison’s disease.

Strengthening these glands then is key for true health and wholeness. Chiropractic is one great way to keep all your internal organs functioning at their best, and works well in conjunction with certain homeopathic remedies found to be especially useful for the adrenals.

Homeopathic medicines work on the principle that whatever substances cause the symptoms of a disease in high doses will actually relieve the symptoms and help cure the disease in low doses. The theory behind their effectiveness is that they stimulate the body’s natural defenses. Very minute amounts of substances are given either in tincture or pill form. They are natural remedies, so the best results are obtained over time with consistent use.

One of the best remedies for adrenal fatigue is Natrum Muraticum – otherwise known as common table salt. As the amount taken is minute, this remedy doesn’t satisfy the body’s need for salt. Instead, it prepares the body to be able to effectively use the salt that it receives daily. It is a slow acting remedy, and is best used for chronic fatigue conditions.

Another remedy is known as Argentum Nitricum, or silver nitrate. This remedy is best for people who deplete their adrenals by always being in a hurry and impatient with others. A strong indicator for the use of this remedy is the craving for sweets- which is also a bad habit with a detrimental effect on the adrenal glands. Often this remedy is prescribed along with the Bach Flower Remedy Impatiens, as both work together to help calm a nervous person down and remove the negative emotion of impatience.

A third remedy that can be used is Berberis Vulgaris – this is best when adrenal fatigue is accompanied by chronic, yet moving pain. It is also useful for those suffering from spinal irritation and in need of regular chiropractic care.

Many stores offer combinations of these three ingredients into one adrenal support supplement. Check with your health practitioner or local health food store to find one that works best for you. You can consult an Ottawa or Ontario wellness center for more information on homeopathic treatments.

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Source by Carri Drzyzga