Putting coconut oil on implant site. Can it soak through the skin and clog the implant and block the hormones from releasing? : birthcontrol


Ok so I have dry skin around where my implant is (probably from not touching it and being careful with it) and I put coconut oil over the area to help with the dryness.

My worry is that the coconut oil will soak into my skin and since the implant is like right there the oil will go by the implant and clog the pores/membrane of it and stop the hormones from being released.

Is this possible? Like can the oil even get that far? And if it did could it possibly block the implants pores?

Just want to make sure I don’t have anything to worry about as I didn’t think about it before I did it. I’ve had it for a year and done this before but now I’m worried about it.


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