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A few weeks back, I met Kristi from Delta Dental at a conference. As a subscriber to her company plan, I decided to sit at her roundtable to hear what she has to say. Her engaging discussion about candy changed the way I thought as to what I should hand out, as one of the homes on a popular Halloween trick or treating street.


We all know that eating sugar can play havoc on your blood sugars. But, did you ever think that eating lollipops, Sweet & Sour Candy, Skittles, Starburst, Candy Corn, and Jolly Ranchers over other Halloween candy may be worse for your teeth? I thought all sugar is equally bad for my teeth. Not true.


Halloween Tip

Pick a candy that does not stick to your teeth. By doing so, you minimize the acid that feeds on the natural bacteria in your mouth. The mineralized enamel coating on the outer layer of your teeth is the barrier that keeps your teeth strong. Healthy enamel protects your teeth from cavities, gum decay, and being too sensitive from eating or drinking cold or hot foods.


Once you lose your tooth enamel, you cannot restore it. However, your dentist can harden your tooth enamel by putting calcium and phosphates back into the tooth. A process they call- remineralization. A diet rich in Vitamin D, salmon, tuna eggs, with dairies can also rebuild enamel.


Treats like dark or milk chocolate is a better option than the Halloween candy that stays on your teeth. If you drink water after you eat chocolate, it helps wash away the invisible food particles that lodge in your porous teeth. 



 Healthy enamel also plays a vital role in keeping your gums healthy.


You know your gums are inflamed when they bleed or feel tender. Carbohydrate foods that stick to your teeth break down the protective enamel making your gums sensitive.


Gingivitis, an inflammation of your gums, weakens your tooth enamel. If untreated, over time, it can advance to periodontal disease, wearing down your gums, causing tooth loss. 


Prevention goes a long way. Seeing your dentist regularly is less painful and expensive in the long run than having significant dental work done, like replacing a tooth. Limit sugar intake. Drink water to flush out the invisible food particles. Not only can this give  you better blood sugar readings, it can provide you with healthy teeth that can last a lifetime.


If you are a person who is not tempted to consume sugar from a barrage of Holiday candy, I admire your discipline.



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