Goodbye Swine Flu – Boutique Pandemic


A standard hook now in vaccine marketing repertoire is the term 'pandemic,' beginning with the nonexistent Avian flu of 2005. As that chimera faded off into the boneyard of plague hysteria memorabilia, the sales team next scored a sterling success with the 2009 swine flu 'outbreak.'

The first and most important rule in creating any epidemic is that the marketing of the disease cannot outpace the rate of the disease itself. When the doom and gloom predictions are too overstated, the purpose of the whole program is defeated – which was, selling the vaccine. Getting people to show up for it.

The 2009 swine flu / H1N1 fiasco made that fatal error, hiring the best publicists money can buy. The scenario they painted was so grim, the threat so dire that no set of actual events short of the Bubonic Plague could have lived up to it. So we witnessed the unraveling of a pandemic before enough people showed up to participate in it. Sheep though they are, even the impaired mentality of the general public saw through that veil. After all those months of threats and hysteria from every level of government, in all media, the American people said no thanks, we're not buying swine flu.

A background summary of the 2009 H1N1 sideshow may be found online in the chapter Swine Flu: Global Pandemic or Just Makin 'Bacon. So much bad science and self-serving propaganda was dumped on the public regarding this cheap vaccine promotion that it would fill a book, but the important lesson we must take from it is to apprehend the pattern of the made-to-order pandemic that has become firmly established in our culture, and can now be trotted out on command.


Goodbye Swine Flu. Till next time. The pharmaceutical industry is always desperate for new markets. Now that the Boutique Epidemic protocol is so well refined in every detail, we would be naive indeed not to expect to see them in the future with increasing regularity. Smallpox, anthrax, SARS, avian flu, swine flu – with five in the past eight years, the recipe for pandemic vaccine sales is now perfected:

1. assert a lethal new disease has been discovered;
2. begin a campaign of relentless media hysteria;
3. dire predictions of pandemic deaths and infections;
4. hope of salvation in the form of vaccines and drugs;
5. spend the money; and then
6. The threat disappears

Amazing we didn't notice the pattern.

Source by Tim O Shea DC