Normal for periods? : birthcontrol


Hi guys! Sorry for the TMI in this but I’ve been on the pill since March and my periods have all been the same 2-3 days and lighish. Last week though my period started a day later than it normally does and when it started I got SO happy (for obvious reasons)! But it was only red that one time and wasn’t a lot and when I went to change my tampon the next morning, it was SUPER light and just brown. And I didn’t even have to wear a tampon or pad or anything after that because that’s how light it was. Then a few days later, for only about a day it was a super light pink color mixed with discharge and that’s it. My period has never been that light before and I just want to know if that’s normal for birth control users?

I also threw up two days ago at work around 11:45 (2nd day of starting my new pack) for no reason and was fine later that day and even ate a burger for dinner 😂 but not gonna lie, me throwing up Saturday and the light period made me a little paranoid and I can’t take a test till later tonight.

Please ease my mind with the normalities of periods on BC pills!

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