blacked out, because of birth control maybe? : birthcontrol


i started the pill four days ago on the first day of my period and it’s been going good. now i’m concerned that my lifestyle is intervening with my birth control. today i consumed nicotine (from a vape) , thc, advil, redbull, my ssri (escitalopram). i blacked out (fell over, out of it for a minute, dizzy, etc…) when i smoked a small amount marijuana but i have a high tolerance (everyday 2-3 times) and this NEVER happens. is whatever i’m consuming not okay to take along with the pill? i know smoking isn’t recommended but i did not anticipate this. i’m not sure if me passing out has to do with, the weed i smoked was bad, or i didn’t eat enough, or because i have these new hormones pushed into my body and i reacted bad… someone please weigh in, with some advice too maybe.

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