Ease Pregnancy Aches and Pains


Though the learning that you’re pregnant comes to you as a blessing, but the 9 months that are to follow will bring for you a set of physical challenges and emotional mood swings to deal with! A woman’s body undergoes layers of changes during the pregnancy phase. And aches and pains are a part of it. It would be misleading to say, one can completely eliminate these physical discomforts. However, by implementing certain simple ways you can certainly ease off the pregnancy aches, pains and other discomforts.

Minimize the abdominal pain

To ease out those difficult pains and cramps that generate from stretched abdominal ligaments and muscles, you can opt in for a warm shower. In addition to that, daily exercise that is suited for pregnant women will also strengthen and tone the abdominal muscles, making it less prone to aches and pain. However, you should in all situations avert any kind of exercise where you have to be on your back. If at all you attempt that, don’t stretch it beyond few minutes once you’ve crossed the first trimester stage, as it has the chance to minimize the blood flow to your baby in the womb.

Tackle morning sickness smartly

Morning sickness is a regular after-effect of pregnancy. Especially, in the first trimester you can feel nausea during any point of the day. This might lead to mild body aches and mild headaches as well. The best way to manage this is by eating small meals, but frequently. Your diet needs to be rich in complex carbohydrates, protein and very low in fatty foods and sweets. In addition to that, drink plenty of water and consume ample amounts of vegetables and fruits.

You can even consult your doctor and gynaecologist and check if they are okay with recommending you with Vitamin B6. Also bring down your stress and anxiety levels, as hormonal fluctuations that happen during pregnancy can increase tension.

Relieve your breast discomfort

Breasts tend to become sensitive during pregnancy. The way out is to wear an inner-wear that offers ample support. You can also make use of nursing pads inside the inner wear when your breasts leak.

Treat your Backache

It’s best to keep your weight under check with regular exercise and a healthy diet. You also should stay away from taking any kind of pain relievers, until the pain is acute and a medicine is needed to heal it. There are couple of exercises that will help you minimize your backache. You can opt in for an elastic sling or a pregnancy girdle that will provide proper assistance to your abdomen. You can also wear shoe inserts that are specially designed for pregnant ladies. High heels are something that you need to avert in all possibilities.

Backache gets worst if you are standing for a prolonged period of time. So, don’t stand for long periods of time. Instead, sit straight and sleep tight on a firm mattress. If the pain increases lying down on either side placing a pillow in between your legs will offer the much-needed relief.

Also ensure that you are cautious when lifting children or any heavy loads. Opting in for a chair massage is also great. You can sit on a chair, with your back straight. You need to lean forward on the back of the chair and allow your head to rest on your crossed arm. And direct the one who’s giving you the massage, to make the massage strokes long, moving upward and outward from your lower back. Take care not to exert any pressure on the spine.

Following these simple and easy-to-implement tips you will be able to manage your mild pregnancy aches and pains which otherwise could lead to prolonged discomfort.

Source by Richa Verma