Could I get pregnant?? (On Nuvaring)


So I made a stupid drunk decision and slept with my ex the night before last. As we used to, we did not use a condom, and I let him finish inside me.

I’ve been on Nuvaring for over a year now and never had problems or a scare, but now I’m a bit worried because the ring I had been using had been in possibly 5 weeks (waiting on pharmacy for next one) (dr told me to leave them in for four weeks instead of 3 with a by week so I can skip my awful periods and ovarian cyst problems). I’m worried that the 5 week old ring had been losing its effectiveness because I ended up getting a period anyway the last week it was in (hadn’t had a period in 6+ months at least, so I can’t tell if this is odd or normal.)

Anyway, about 3 hours before the deed I put in a brand new Nuvaring and the period has since stopped. I am hoping that since I was still on my period during that night and now I’ve got a new Nuvaring in, I should not ovulate, and therefore should not get pregnant. I’m still worried though! I sent a message to my Gyno and have not gotten a response yet.

Am I being paranoid?? Please help!

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