Accidental mistake whilst using condom : birthcontrol


Me and my gf were having intercourse 2 days ago, using a condom of course. When I was about to finish, I took condom off to finish on her stomach/chest area. Unbeknownst to me, some of my cum dropped straight down onto her vagina. This was dumb of me, I know, but she was luckily smart enough to cover the majority of her vagina with her hand. Her hand caught the majority of it, but I saw some stuck in between her fingers. I ran to go get a towel and she stood up to prevent it from running down her fingers. We got a towel and wiped her vagina/pubic area and her hand. I didn’t look at her vagina before she wiped it, so I don’t know if any actually got on it. If it would’ve landed on her, it would’ve landed on her clitoris area. According to her period tracking app, which she has been using for a year, she doesn’t ovulate for another 6 days, so that’s 8 days from the day of the incident. What are the odds that she’s pregnant? Any insight is much appreciated

Edit: Just a note, we wiped her vagina with a towel multiple times with 2 different towels

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