Stem Cell Research – Man With Congestive Heart Failure Off Transplant List After Stem Cell Treatment


Due to advances in stem cell research, sick patients are already beginning to see the benefits. Robert Pleva, a 60 year old man from Florida is the latest patient to be helped by Adult Stem Cells.

Suffering from Fabry Disease (a genetic disorder in which the body fails to metabolize lipids) his entire life, it finally caused a heart attack in 1999. The heart attack caused severe heart damage and Robert eventually went into congestive heart failure. His ejection fraction dropped down to 28%. Robert also had very high blood pressure. Robert suffered from shortness of breath and had very low energy levels. He eventually had to go on the heart transplant list.

Not wanting a heart transplant and being on heavy medications the rest of his life, Robert looked for other options. He found one in stem cell therapy. Robert found a doctor who was using patients own Adult Stem Cells taken from his peripheral blood to help rebuild damaged heart tissue.

Robert went to the Dominican Republic for the stem cell treatment. There, his own stem cells were implanted using a catheter in a painless procedure. Treated in June 2008, Robert went to get his heart tested in January 2009. He was excited to see his ejection fraction had risen from 28% all the way to 44%.

These days, Robert is working full time and enjoying his life much more. He has increased energy levels and has cut down on his medication greatly. His blood pressure has improved as well. He is no longer facing a heart transplant. Robert hopes to see even more improvement in the near future.

Source by Don Margolis