These were the 10 most popular Frisky Fridays of 2019


Rather than spending it worrying about January goals, we think December is a perfect time to pat yourself on the back, bask in your own glory, give yourself a kiss in the mirror, and just generally celebrate absolutely everything awesome you did this year. To set a good example, we’ve ranked our top 10 most popular Frisky Fridays from this year, and we’re going back and laughing at all our own jokes. And yeah, that’s a photo of a pug in a blanket, and no, it has nothing to do with this.

Remember that time we showed you how to celebrate Valentine’s Day by making sparkly AF earrings out of your expired condoms? (Read the article.)

Our top tips for pulling your sex life back from the brink of disaster due to how much you hate your job and how just thinking about it makes you flaccid. (Read the article.)

Totally cool if you’re just not into receiving oral (or giving it!), but if you are and you can’t enjoy it as much as you’d like because of anxiety about the way you look, smell, taste, etc., help is on the way! (Read the article.)

Of course we’re not suggesting you do anything illegal, but we are saying that if you’re going to have sex in public, here are the best places to do it. (Read the article.)

It’s honestly hard to remember what “summer” even is rn, but back when we were complaining about being too hot instead of complaining about being too cold, this list was helpful. (Read the article.)

Again, totally cool to just not want to have sex, but for those times when body and mind aren’t in sync, these tips will help. (Read the article.)

In this Q & A with an intimacy coach, we cover how poor body image can put a damper on your sex life and what you can do about it. (Read the article.)

Eight hard-learned lessons about how to cope with the endless weddings, including our favorite, “sneak the f*ck out the back.” (Read the article.)

We’re not against waxing—it’s your body, do what you want!—it’s just that if you wax off your pubes, what will you sculpt into a mohawk and poke white supremacists in the eye with? (Read the article.)

One of the most wholesome Frisky Fridays of the year comes in at number 10, but don’t worry, most of our date ideas are just thinly veiled opportunities for sex, so…(Read the article.)


P.S. In case that wasn’t enough tips for one day, read up on how to tell when it’s time to switch providers.

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