Attention – Shaky Hands Before Eating Might Signal Diabetes Low Blood Sugar


Feeling weak and confused with shaky hands after only 3 or 4 hours of having breakfast.It is worrisome to say the least and having a snack between meals seams not to work at all. I am going to give you a tactic to stable your bloodstream sugar so you can correct those annoying crashes.

If you have Diabetes Low Blood Sugar (Reactive Hypoglycemia) the lack of concentration is caused by low blood sugars while shaking hands and sweating is caused by the release of adrenalin trying to raise the bloodstream sugar up.

Eating often helps but is not the solution, you have to correct the sugar reaction or you are going to keep suffering from unstable blood sugars and high insulin levels and its consequences, you have to avoid concentrated sources of carbohydrates.

Do not have as breakfast a bowl of cereal. Instead try eggs, avocado, salmon, veggies, cheese and you should feel better.

There is a close relationship between blood sugars levels and adrenal function , it is known that people who suffer from low blood sugar very often suffer from adrenal fatigue.

With hypoglycemia sugar cravings are very common, when adrenals are fatigued, the cortisol output is diminish and this makes the liver to work harder to convert stored blood sugar (glycogen) into active blood sugar (glucose) necessary for energy production. Cortisol is critical to maintain normal bloodstream sugar levels.

Being on a diet for hypoglycemia for 2 months and treating the adrenal glands will improve the low blood sugars condition.

Adrenals produce cortisol and cortisol maintains the blood sugar stable when adrenal glands are weak they do not produce the cortisol needed. I recommend anyone with hypoglycemia to treat their adrenals.

Source by Bill Raporv Yam