Japan’s Halt of Regular HPV Vaccine to Cause Thousands of Cancer Deaths – Study Japan’s Halt of Regular HPV Vaccine to Cause Thousands of Cancer Deaths


A decision by Japan to stop recommending adolescent girls receive a HPV vaccination will likely result in almost 11,000 deaths from cervical cancer if it is not reversed, according to a study published on Monday.Reuters Health Information

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In this study, we investigated how Oroxylum indicum leaf and fruit extracts affect the viability and migration of MCF-7 breast cancer cells and the mechanisms of action responsible for these effects. MCF-7 cells treated with the extracts were examined using the sulforhodamine B, colony formation and caspase 3 activity assays, and by western blotting. O. indicum extracts were found to inhibit MCF-7 cell growth in a concentration- and time-dependent manner, with 48 h IC50 values of 57.02 ± 2.85 μg/mL and 131.3 ± 19.2 μg/mL for leaf and fruit extracts, respectively. Further, the O. indicu…

In this study, a highly sensitive and accurate LC-MS/MS method was firstly established for subsequent measurement of PdG in serum of three different female groups: thyroid cancer patients (TCs), healthy controls (HCs) and pregnant women. The factors affecting the sample preparation, MS/MS method, gradient elution program, selection of chromatographic column and internal standard (IS) have been optimized in this study. Compared with enzyme immunoassay (EIA) method, we used LC-MS/MS to shorten analysis time, increase sensitivity, raise specificity, simplify sample preparation, and reduce costs. As a result, the linear range …

ConclusionKaempferia galanga L. is a valuable medicinal plant which is used traditionally in India to treat a wide variety of ailments. A number of bioactive phytochemicals like esters, terpenoids, flavonoids, polysaccharides, diarylheptanoids, cyclic lipodepsipeptide, phenolic acids and glucoside have been isolated from the rhizomes of K. galanga by several researchers. These phytochemicals are highly bioactive and exhibit various pharmacological activities. However, more studies are required to recognize the effectiveness of these bioactive compounds and to understand their molecular mechanisms.Graphical abstract

In this study, we attempted to fabricate Nitroimidazoles (NI) and Hyaluronic acid (HA) co-decorated, cisplatin (DDP) loaded polymeric nanoparticles (PNPs) (NI/HA-DDP-PNPs) and lipid-polymer hybrid nanoparticles (LPNs) (NI/HA-DDP-LPNs) for the facilitated drug delivery at lung tumor regions (hypoxic regions). In vitro cytotoxicity and cellular uptake; In vivo anti-tumor activity and in vivo tissue biodistribution of PNPs and LPNs were evaluated and compared in lung carcinoma cells and xenograft. Hydrodynamic size of NI/HA-DDP-LPNs was 185.6 ± 4.7 nm, which is larger than that of NI/HA-DDP-PNPs (136.7 ± 3.5 nm)…

ConclusionsThe results revealed that esculetin is able to show its anti ‐tumor afficacy after loading to PLGA nano‐micelles and nano‐encapsulation intensifies its cytotoxic activityin vitro. Current study shows that esculetin and its nano formulations are promising agents in treatment of insulinoma.

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ConclusionsOur findings indicate that regulation of BCRP and P ‐gp functions by ERM proteins is organ‐specific. Thus, if the appropriate ERM protein(s) are functionally suppressed, accumulation of BCRP or P‐gp substrates in lung, intestine or kidney cancer tissue might be specifically increased.

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ConclusionsBritanin may be a promising candidate for gastric cancer chemotherapy, and its anticancer effect likely depends on an NF ‐κB‐mediated immune response.

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This study establishes baseline sociodemographic and clinical characteristics of hospitalized patients in Nepal who were experiencing heart failure.


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1Institute of Environmental Medicine, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden
2European Institute for Systems Biology and Medicine, CNRS-ENS-UCBL, Université de Lyon, Lyon, France
3Department of Biosciences and Nutrition, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden
4Department of Paediatrics, Sachs’ Children’s Hospital, Stockholm, Sweden
5Centre for Occupational and Environmental Medicine, Stockholm County Council, Stockholm, Sweden

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Long-term exposure to ambient air pollution can lead …

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A growing number of today’s children suffer from vaccine damage. Most individuals do not make the connection between health problems and vaccines. When asked about the cause of autoimmune disorders, asthma, allergies, diabetes, learning disabilities, attention deficit disorder, autism, and other common childhood diseases and illness, the majority of health care providers advise patients that the causes are unknown. Doctors, including most integrative physicians, fail to make the connection to vaccines.
It takes one moment to permanently damage the health of an adult or child, but t…

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