How Yoga Can Be Helpful in Helping Men Perform Oral Sex On Themselves (Autofellatio)


In the practice of Yoga it is not uncommon to see people twisted into all sorts of interesting postures. Some of them look impossible, while others look rather simple. After viewing such postures it’s easy to understand why some people feel that Yoga may be a great way to perform oral autosex.

Autosex for the man would  be autofellatio (stimulating his own penis with his mouth/tongue) or autocunnilingus (stimulating her own vulva with her mouth/tongue). This is rather difficult for most people to engage in because of the spinal column. The spinal column needs to be flexible enough to allow the head to come into closer contact with the genital region. Yoga, then, as it helps aid in flexibility, would seem like a likely instrument people could use to more easily perform this manner of self-sexual expression.

But Yoga offers more goodies for the would be autofellationist. One of the key functions of Yoga, apart from increasing physical, spiritual, and mental well-being, is to relax the body. Okay, we already know this. Yes, but here’s what we’re getting at. Yoga gets the body used to being in non-conventional positions AND still remain relaxed. This is the important bit.

There are many factions and many modes of Yoga. Typically there is the physical/postural/stretching mechanics. Breathing, concentration, and many other things are important, too. But let’s focus on this physical aspect of it. By performing these positions and stretches, what does it allow the body to do? It allows the body to remain in these Yoga positions for long periods of time without feeling pain, discomfort, or cramping.

The true Yogi wants to be able to sit in certain poses for long periods of time so that meditation, enlightenment, spiritual oneness, and so many other things can be accomplished. While this is happening it is important that nothing disturbs the person performing meditation. No sounds, phones ringing, flies buzzing about, or anything else that can disturb the concentration phase.

Sitting cross-legged for long periods of time (or whatever position), for someone who is not used to it, is going to be painful. Their back will begin to ache, muscles will start cramping, and loss of circulation tends to occur. The head (which weighs about as much as a small bowling ball) will begin to feel like it weighs as much as a dozen bowling balls and the neck will begin to feel sore, tired, weak, and kinked.

All of these discomforts distract the person, who is doing meditative Yoga, from their concentration and focus. This is one of the main reasons why such stretching exercises are performed in Yoga. These are to help them physically train their bodies so that they can sit in comfort, for long periods of time, without back pain and aches while trying to meditate.

This will help the Autofellationist, too. Think about it, it’s going to be pretty hard concentrating on the task at hand if your back is screaming at you in pain because of your autofellational posture.

There are other aspects of Yoga that can also help people interested in performing this type of sex. However, Yoga is not the only science that can help people with such sexual goals in mind. There are other methods that offer increased flexibility in a shorter time frame.

Source by Kimi Kalfino