The Myriad of Germs


Five letters that carry so much punch

They gather in bunches around the branches

All shapes, colors and sizes

They lurch and lie in wait for the unassuming fella

Masquerading and camouflaging around the water fountain

We can’t see them, but they roll like dices.

Roll them and it may fall on all sides.

Microscopic in scope and flowing like a tide

They come ashore often with different waves

Beneath the seas, the lock ness hides

Is it in the soil, air, water or cup?

They’re everywhere you go

And on everything you touch

All over the couch

The commode and the bathtub

The pouch you have and hold

They adapt easily to new environments

Sometimes they play hide and seek

Mostly wrecking havoc to the host they invade

They reside under the canopy of the weak and restless

Awaiting the call to arms

They overtake all the defenses

They crush and blast until they recoil

Accepting the germs as the new Thomas Kincaid

They love the air and stay airborne

Some swim in the water

A few only spread with a hug or a touch

Mischievous ones perch on foods and drinks and lay some eggs

We have done a lot to understand these strange fellows

Through a scholarly program called Epidemiology

We discover, contain and prevent the occurrence

Reducing the risks and discovering the source

Vaccines and tablets keep the germs at bay

Eradication is a word that comes with a price

Fighting the forces that change and mutate

Sustaining the very best fight it can muster

It breaks away and spread the tentacles of fame

Germs simply stated with our best effort are here to stay.

Several countries have known the scourge

From the Bubonic plague across the sea

To Cholera and measles in many regions

Diphtheria once landed on the Asian pacific

Germs adapt and move with the wind

Thanks to the center for disease Control

They contain and reduce the spread of germs

Isolating and understanding our brethren in petri dishes

Anti-bodies help fight the scourge and limit the spread

Some say to prevent is the key to success

Drinking clean water and boiling our food

Covering the meat at the market place

Sweeping away the stagnant water in the yard

Can they be stopped?

Should they be destroyed?

What good are they anyway?

What is the fuss all about?

I’ll tell if you listen.

They cost so much once it spreads

Once smitten, productivity lessens

Children call off and smile less

Others cry and groan

The clinic liven up with needles and syrups

Penicillin and anti-biotic

Saline mixes and water bottles

Cough syrups and chest ointments

Ear drops and eye drops

Band-aids across the chin

For all the bad, germs also do some good

Some bacteria are cultivated developed into anti-bodies

A few reside in our intestines and helps with digestion

They ripen the Cheese and make it a delicacy

I guess there are several sides to the coin

The world of germs is not for the faint hearted

A complex place with complex terms

No matter the effort we provide

The ball seems to roll further downstream

We sweat and toil with the weight and strain

Germs can never go down the drain.

By Muyiwa Babalola (c) copyright 2010

Source by Muyiwa Babalola