Safe and Effective Home Remedies For Colds You Can Use


Home remedies for colds seem to be the last option for people when they have this illness. I can vouch for the efficacy of kitchen ingredients in treating this. I would not even bother going to the drugstore anymore and buy medicines.

Contrary to archaic belief that colds is caused by chilly weather, this condition is actually caused by rhinoviruses. These viruses are airborne and different types of this virus can penetrate our system.

When these viruses enter our system, our body reacts by sending the agents of the immune system to fight it. This is why when you feel symptoms such as sore throat and headache, this is our body's way of saying they are fighting the virus.

The reason why this is more pandemic during chilly weather is because we spend too much time cooped up indoors. We get into close contact with family members who have this. Staying indoors without ample physical activities can also weaken our resistance to these viruses.

The most common symptoms of this condition are a tickling sensation in the throat, stuffy and runny nasal passages and frequent sneezing. It may also be accompanied by cough, headache and fever. We also feel muscular aches and a distinctive loss of appetite.

Since this is caused by an airborne virus, this is very contagious. Getting into close contact with a person who has this illness can put you at a higher risk of developing this illness too. Touching contaminated objects can also cause virus spread.

Although this is far from life-threatening, it can actually be crippling in most cases. Those who suffer from this are advised to take ample bed rest which means they have to be absent from work or school and not do anything strenuous.

Prevent virus from spreading by avoiding people who have this illness. Washing hands frequently especially before and after meals is also advisable to kill any germs that you might have contacted.

If you already have this condition, instead of immediately taking over-the-counter medicines why not try home remedies for colds first. Not only are they effective, they are also easily accessible. Some of the commonly used remedies are:

1. Ginger. Try drinking ginger juice to coat the throat and reduce cough and sore throat.
2. Inhale the steam of chamomile or eucalyptus. This can help soothe the sensitive lining of the nasal passages and loosen mucus for easier expulsion.
3. Elderberry is an herbal remedy that can also be taken to speed up the healing process.
4. Garlic is also a great remedy that can make way for easier and faster recovery.

Additionally, you can try a natural product called Flu-Go. This is a homeopathic remedy unlike any other.

It can provide immediate relief to the primary symptoms of this illness. It can also help induce appetite to help the affected person eat more and replenish their lost energy. This product speeds up the recovery of the person affected.

What is great about Flu-Go is that it contains natural biochemic tissue salts that can replenish the lost tissue salts and improve the over all functions of the body and can boost the health of the immune system.

What better way to heal colds than natural remedies such as home remedies for colds and flu-go. Not only are you curing the illness but you are also promoting better health condition.

Source by Kate Allen