Advanced Defense Systems and Military Sales to Taiwan Worries

Many military defense contractors, high-tech executives the Silicon Valley, our State Department, and the top brass in the military believe that the Chinese have been stealing high-tech and military secrets for years. Therefore, anything that we develop, which we think is a secret, is already known by the Chinese, and they are already secretly working on it themselves. In fact in the world of spies, this went on throughout the Cold War, only that time it was Russia.

If you’ll recall every time the US came out with a new fighter aircraft, a missile, a new ship, a new radar system, or a new aircraft bomber, the Russians had one that looked almost identical. This still happens today in fact the T-50, a fifth-generation stealth Russian fighter plane looks a lot like the F-22 raptor. If all this is taking place, then why are we so worried about selling our military equipment to our allies, and why are we so worried that they might spill the beans and give this information to our enemies?

Indeed, the reality is the enemies probably already have it all and they probably already know more than we think about all the high-tech weapons systems we are engineering, and researching presently. According to an article in Taiwan News on July 30, 2010 entitled; “The US Worries About Taiwan’s Military Transfer to China,” and we should be worried about stuff like this. But we should also realize that they probably already have all this information anyhow.

The Chinese don’t like the idea of the United States selling late model fighter aircraft to Taiwan, putting in a missile defense system, or anything else similar to this. However, if the US does go ahead with all of these sales, there is a good chance the Chinese will have this technology sometime in the future when Taiwan and China are reunified in some way and become one in the future. There’s a good chance this could happen down the road without a fight due to China’s enormous military, let’s say in a couple of decades from now.

Should we really be concerned, because if we really are concerned about China getting our secret weapon components, then perhaps we should be more concerned with the 6000 spies that are all over the United States including Silicon Valley, grabbing all of our secret technologies. We need to do one of two things, we need to stop the spying, increase military intelligence and surveillance on our so-called friends, enemies, and allies who are stealing our military secrets, or we need to just say forget it, and realize they already have it all.

If we choose the latter this could be good for US defense contractors to sell our military technology all over the world. We won’t be giving it to our adversaries or potential future enemies, because they already have it. It seems all too often that we are just kidding ourselves when we think we are somehow protecting our secrets, as we so freely give them away out the back door. Even though this is all philosophical, it does matter, it matters very much, and I am quite concerned. Please consider all this.

Source by Lance Winslow

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