China Approves Anti-Monopoly Laws – Good News or Cause for Concern

It should be noted that many a communist nation has taken an intermediate term in a past period and commandeered the foreign businesses or nationalized entire industries. One interesting think that I have noted is that we are teaching foreign governments some vary bad habits as we attack American Businesses with anti-trust laws in the US.

You see, if it is okay for us to attack our businesses then the EU, Venezuela, Bolivia, Japan or China sees this as a way to prevent competition from American businesses in their countries. If we look at some of the nationalizing done in the name of protecting “fair business” practices, we can see the dangerous trend. Likewise we see the Japanese raiding Intel and carting off thousands of boxes of not only financial statements but also proprietary information.

In the EU we see them attack Microsoft echoing the US Federal Trade Commission attack that was made on behalf of competitors. I blame personally the FTC in the US for causing harm to our US companies overseas and allowing them to be sacrificed there as well. Shame on the FTC’s anti-trust policy, it is perhaps the biggest shame of all humanity and free-markets. Adam Smith would agree. (this is my personal opinion after about 5,000 hours of research on this subject).

Now China is preventing US businesses from owning too much of their industry and they are calling it anti-trust, but it is really the start of a mean and enduring “trade war” or rather an extreme escalation, as the real trade war has been going on for quite a while.

China refused to float their currency, pollutes their environment to maintain an economic price edge and has clearly violated about every WTO rule there is. Wake up and smell air and drink the water, further attacks on free-enterprise and international trade cometh. You have been forewarned by Lance.

Source by Lance Winslow

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