Chinese Rise to Military Dominance Continues

China is progressing very well with its goals to have the strongest military in the world, which kind of freaks out many military analysts in the United States, because, the USA would protect China if anyone would attack them, which no one would dare. So, why is China gearing up such a strong military, can it be that they wish to challenge the United States someday or show their superior power to prevent anyone from interfering with their long-term (well, maybe not too long-term) strategy for the re-unification of Taiwan?

After all, amongst the stated goals of China’s supreme leader, they wish to develop high speed intelligent torpedoes, but why? Are they planning on targeting US warships or challenging them on the high seas, or within their regional seas? Could be say some, as they are also looking into Stealthy Submarines and Long Range High Accuracy Missiles. And China makes no qualms about wanting to build a better and stronger Navy to fight in regional Sea Wars.

In fact, if you look closely the ancient Treasure Fleet, sails again and soon the Chinese will once again have more ships in their Navy than any other nation on the planet. And considering their nuclear submarines, well, one could hardly deny that they are well on their way. The Chinese rise to military dominance continues and indeed, it is merely a matter of time until they surpass the US Navy and have strength greater than all the other nations in the world combined. That day is coming fast, and within a decade or two it will be upon us. So, please consider this.

Source by Lance Winslow

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