Chinese, Russian, Iranian, or Venezuelan War Games – All Show, Unrealistic and No Reality

There is a big difference between hosting military war games, and just putting on a show. Putting on actual battle practice games and exercises that actually mean something would include the ordination of forces, acquisition of targets, leadership training, procedures of command and control, and military action, execution, and decision-making under fire. Proper war games should also include the firing of live weapons, and hitting real targets.

Putting a bunch of ships in the water and sailing along in a convoy for the media does not constitute legitimate military games, however, it is surprising how many countries think it does. Over the years, I’ve read assessment reports on Chinese, Russian, Iranian, and Venezuelan war games. The reality is they just don’t compare to the caliber, quality, or seriousness of the United States of America’s military.

Our military flat kicks-ass, in fact, any nation that we challenge our military, or be stupid enough to fire upon it, probably won’t be on the planet long enough to apologize. One thing I find interesting is that other nations like to taunt the US military from time to time. But our military is far too disciplined to act imprudently due to such childish acts.

Sure, the bravado of the quasi-enemy in question at any given time may earn them points with their superiors, or make interesting headlines in their local media. However if the fighting really were started, the game would be over almost instantaneously for those blowhards that are puffing smoke signals in hopes of getting their names, unit insignias, and national flags in the global media.

Just parading around and looking good is cool I suppose, but that isn’t readiness, and is absolutely no match for the US. In fact, the best military games of recent times, besides the US Red Flag – was probably the Libyan NATO exercise and no-fly zone maneuvers. Indeed, I hope some of the larger nations like Iran who are currently pushing the limits of proper international behavior will take notice, because the Libyan exercise was just practice.

In fact, many in the United States Navy, Marines, Air Force, and the NATO commanders even noted that it was necessary, simply to be prepared in case Iran decided to outright challenge the free world and continue the insanity of producing nuclear weapons to hand off to proxy terrorists in the future.

The world isn’t going to stand for that, as obvious the world is now ready to do something about it. I hope they enjoyed the warm up, I hope they learned something, and I hope now they realize that the United States and NATO isn’t messing around. Please consider all this and think on it.

Source by Lance Winslow

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