Did China’s Military Give Stolen US Technology to North Korea and Iran?

Now then, I’m not one to point thinkers, well that’s not really true; I will point fingers back at someone who is pointing theirs at me, or at my country for that matter. In fact, recently a few of the protégés coming up in the Communist Party as the elders pass the torch had mentioned that the United States was a sneaky troublemaker causing problems for the expansion plans of the Chinese in the South China seas and other places. I find this problematic because it is a lot like the Obama Administration planing blame games blaming everything on the Republicans.

Secondly, I have a problem with it because we do know that the Chinese sometimes go out of their way to make things tough for the United States when there are disputes over trade, or diplomatic issues. The United States as the world’s only superpower currently is entrusted by our allies to help keep the peace, China is definitely an ally. Some, such as those scholars at the RAND Corporation have written papers suggesting that China’s international behavior is not hostile. Well, yes and no, it depends if China needs or wants something, such as resources for instance.

Many have said that the North Korean’s rocket and the Iranian drone which both appeared in the global media looked very familiar, probably Chinese, but everything the Chinese has looks vaguely familiar to me, why – because it looks like US hardware, or Russian in some cases. In Bill Gertz’s book “Treachery” he practically outlines the case for all of this, and he does name names as well, including companies, many of which are also state run companies.

We also know that China has been hacking into our defense contractors, our oil industry, and there is so much corporate espionage going on in the research and development arena in Silicon Valley, Boston, Atlanta, Austin, and Washington DC that it would make your head spin. The Chinese aren’t stupid, after all they built the first firecrackers, rockets, fireworks, and they make all of our American flags that we proudly displayed during our Fourth of July. Obviously it’s their holiday too, and they are enjoying those financial rewards.

Some have said that the reason that China supports Iran is because it is a thorn in America’s side, it keeps us busy. That, plus the Chinese buy oil from Iran, and they are able to sell Iran military hardware and equipment. I would submit to you that the same thing is true when it comes to North Korea. Having the Chinese involved in six party talks is hilarious, after all it is probably the Chinese that gave the North Koreans most of the technology they have today. I find the whole thing laughable, if it wasn’t so unfortunate that it is coming from our nation’s preferred trading partner.

If I were to advise China on anything, it would be not to piss off the United States of America, and start negotiating from a win-win perspective on things such as trade, rights of the sea, and international banking and monetary policy. If China joins the Western world in a win-win situation we can unite this planet and we won’t have to worry about any of the other nonsense going on from rogue nations, no one deserves to have to deal with that crap. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.

Source by Lance Winslow

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