Heroes, Veterans and Wars

I have absolute and immense respect for living and fallen veterans. I have no doubt they were and are heroic in their fortitude and efforts. But (and this is a very big “but”) we must acknowledge something lying underneath these heroes’ endeavors. It is time we peeled back the war onion to fully understand.

We speak of freedom and justice. We speak of heroes and courage. We are told stories by Presidents of the sacrifice Americans made and the lives we lost to win the battles and protect our freedoms. These are all heartwarming and bring up emotions of true patriotism and pride. I get this. It is inspiring. It is motivating. But these are just the stories we are told. They are motivational story lines that make us feel good about all the damage and death we caused. But there is more to this story. There is a common denominator all wars have in common that nobody speaks of.


Go to Japan today. The Japanese people are extraordinary people. Their traditions and culture are rich in all aspects of life. Go there today and you will discover they are respectful and honorable. I love these people. So what happened to these people between World War II and today? Hold on to this question.

Go to Germany today. The German people are extraordinary people. Their traditions and culture are rich in all aspects of life. They have been one of the world’s best sources for excellent engineering. Go there today and you discover friendly, joyful and hard working people. I love these people. So what happened to these people between World War II and today? Hold on to this question.

Go to Vietnam today. The Vietnamese people are extraordinary people. Their traditions and culture are rich in all aspects of life. I use to go on vacation there. They are some of the nicest people on the planet. Vietnamese are respectful, innovative, caring people. I love these people. So what happened to these people between the Vietnam War and today? Hold on to this question.

Go to America. We are loving and kind people. We are generous and caring. I also love these people. You know them, you live in America and know who Americans really are. Enough said.


Go to your history books. Watch some movies and documentaries. Discover the stories the victors use to describe their past enemies. The Germans, the Japanese, the Vietnamese were all horrendous, evil, psychopaths. The committed atrocities beyond our imaginations. They all deserved to die. Keep in mind they too were told these same characteristics about us! This still goes on today. So what happened between then and now? It is as though we are describing two completely different sets of people. But we aren’t and they aren’t. They are the same people now they were then. Many are still alive today from these past wars and they are not bad people. They didn’t change. This makes no sense does it? Well, actually it does. That is why we MUST peel back this onion to fully understand the truth about it all.

The people that fought us (regardless of which “us” you are), were taught to believe that we (regardless of which “we” you are) were the most ruthless, evil, horrible psychopaths on the planet and deserved to die. We had to be stopped. This brain washing occurred on both sides of any war. We were all taught to hate the other and provided all the information we needed to go out and ruthlessly kill each other. They did it and we did it. Both sides were completely and absolutely motivated by ideals, morals, self-righteous values, etcetera that convinced each of us that we were doing the right thing. This occurred within both opposing cultures and it is still happening today.

So what happened during wartime is that each patriot involved (regardless of origin or side) courageously picked up their arms to go fight and kill. We did this with absolute conviction we were right and with extraordinary and heroic efforts. This too occurred on both sides of every conflict. But wait (and this a very big but wait), when we visit these same counties today we don’t find these horrible people we fought in the war. They aren’t evil. They aren’t psychopaths. And guess what, they haven’t changed.

All foot soldiers involved had real families. They were all loving people. They all wanted peace. They all desired the exact same things all human beings desire. All you have to do is go visit them today and these are the characteristics you will find. If you go to Iran, Israel, Palestine, Iraq, Sudan, Syria (the list is long) today and get to know these people you find loving and caring human beings. Yes, their cultures are different but they are not the evil people we are taught they are. Nor are Americans the people they are taught we are. Can you see the problem? Both sides of any conflict are first lied to about how horrible the other side is. It happens every time and it is happening today. We were all duped. We were tricked then and we are being tricked now.

When you peel back the war onion you find that only a small group of people are the psychopaths. Only a small group wants war and killing. Only a handful of people will gain immensely in wealth. All the people who do the actual fighting will gain nothing. It has been like this in every war, every conflict. It is a playbook. It is all lies. The humans fighting the actual battles were heroic in their efforts. They did have valor and honor and were courageous. But they were all tricked into believing the enemy was worthy of their efforts to kill them. This happened on both sides. They were all tricked by a few psychopaths. Hitler started citizen training at birth. Question young people in America and ask them what they think about Islam and so-labeled terrorist. It is the same programming… originating from a few and propagated to the masses. It is a trick. It is very insane.

The fact is that human beings all over this planet are tremendously good people. Or at least they start out that way. But (and this is a very big “but”) somewhere along the line they were taught to hate and despise each other. It is all learned. It is all taught. When was the last time you heard any politician stand on his/her soapbox to provide us all the reasons to love another culture, race or nation? Think clearly about this.

Every war, every conflict starts with a few people convincing their masses how awful and evil the other group is. They articulate all the motivation these masses need to be angry with desire to go kill them. This happens on both sides of the conflict. But (again, a very big but), these humans being described (en masse’) are actually very loving people with families… only misguided, about who we Americans actually are. By contrast (and intentionally) we Americans are misled too. We don’t think much good about them either. Both sides sold the evil stories.

I have lived in a communist country. I have lived in a Muslim culture. I can tell you first hand, these people hated us. I heard their stories. If what they were taught about us was true… I would hate us too! But what they were taught about me, my fellow Americans, was absolutely wrong. It was completely untrue. We were not and are not what they were taught about us. Much to my surprise, I discovered that these people were not and are not what I was taught about them either. What I expected to find in the Muslim culture was wrong. What I believed about the communist governments were wrong also. These were not bad people. They were honorable and respectable human beings. They were full of the same joy that I had inside me. We both wanted peace. But (and this is a very big but) we were both armed with information that could justify each of us killing each other. We were led to believe the other (us/them) were sick psychopaths. We were both trained with lies. That is what causes war. The leaders were the psychopaths… not the people. The people (like us) were just following the psychopath’s ideas. We never went to these cultures and talked directly with their people. We believed everything we were told. And guess what? So did they. They believed we were the psychopaths. As you well know, we are not.

The people that provided us these lies are backed up by institutions I trusted and my so-labeled enemies trusted also. Religions tell us how horrible the other religion’s teachings are. Our governmental organizations tell us how horrible the other systems of government are. Education systems tell us how right we are and how wrong everyone else is. The news media tell us about all the horrific acts our so-labeled enemies do and convince us they are all this way (loaded with false flag stories.) Their religions, their government, their education system and their media are telling them the same thing about us. But (and this is a very big but) I am none of these things. Americans are none of these things. So I know their ideas about me and us are lies. I know this because I am American. They also know this about themselves. What our religious leaders, our government leaders, our education system and our media are telling us about them… they know is not true. They know this about themselves with the same absolute conviction that we know about ourselves. So we kill each other because each side knows who they really are… they are the “good” people. Both sides are lied to and convinced this is true. But it isn’t and wasn’t. It was the lies on both sides (about the other) that justified their motivation to kill each other. It is insane… it is a playbook. Both sides have been the pawns.

Imagine for a second if the fifty million citizens of Germany had decided that Hitler was lying to them and just said NO! No Hitler, we don’t believe the rest of the world is evil and inferior. NO we are not going to kill these people because you said they are bad and evil. What would have happened? Nothing! Hitler would not have created WWII. A small group of people surrounding Hitler were able to convince their citizens that America and her allies were inferior, evil, psychopathic people. We were not. He lied. On our side, we were convinced that all Germans were horrible, evil psychopathic people. They were not. We were lied to. But (and this is a very big but) Hitler was a horrible, evil psychopath. That is not the German people. That was one man. The German people thought they were doing the right thing. They were lied to. They were tricked. This happens on both sides. Human beings are never born with the right demeanor to go out and kill people. We have to be educated, trained and motivated to do so. This happens on both sides of any war and conflict.

Today, the Middle Eastern countries’ citizens are convinced all Americans are evil psychopaths. We aren’t! They are being lied to. By contrast, Americans are being convinced that these Muslim countries’ citizens are all evil, religious psychopaths. They aren’t. We are being lied to. Their leaders are psychopaths. Our leaders are too. Both sides must stop listening to these insane narratives and lies and start meeting our so-called enemies and discover they are real people just like us that want peace… not war.

War today is a for-profit endeavor. It is paid for by us. It is our brothers, sisters, moms and dads, sons and daughters that are dying. It is funded by our money. It is the same for our so-labeled enemies. It is their citizens that die so a few at the top can make trillions of dollars. It is a business to them. They never pick up a gun. They never see a bullet fly by their heads. They see dollars roll in instead.

The reality might actually be that North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un is a ruthless leader. Even so, his worst atrocity was convincing all his people America (and others) are dangerous, evil people. We aren’t. He is lying. Like the North Korean populace, we Americans are being convinced that Kim Jong-un) is a psychopath and our playbook is building the case for us to attack. But wait (and this is a very big but wait), if we attack them we are going to kill his people. These are folks that have been treated inhumanely and lied to about who we are. They are already victims. Millions of them will die. For Americans (or any human being) to justify killing millions of innocent people because their leader is insane means WE are the insane ones to use this as our justification to attack and kill them. Sure, we might be heroic in our actions of war but our justifications for being in the war are insane. Americans are waking up. Veterans are waking up. Our military is waking up. We want peace. It is time to say no to war.

The veterans and military of this country are born with the inalienable, God-given right to say no. Speak to any veteran that saw battle and they will all tell you it is horror beyond imagination. Today, interview the enemies they shot at and they will tell you the same things. The only thing that separates our enemies’ veterans and our veterans are the lies each were told about the other. It was the leaders that were the psychopaths not the people. This has to stop. We all desire a playbook for peace. That is not what we have. It is time we led the way instead of following. That is where our new heroes will come from.

… enough said.

Source by James Taylor

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