Iran Has Threatened Full Scale War Against The United States

Iran has threatened to take out the United States if the US and its allies make military strikes against Iran’s nuclear sites, nuclear enrichment program or nuclear weapons research facilities. Iran has said it will respond with global attacks using its sleeper cells and intelligence operatives and Hezbollah Teams.

Is this simply more threats? Indeed one might think so, but Iran has made good on threats in the past and currently funds Hamas and Hezbollah, both international terrorist organizations. Additionally they have purchased Chinese made ICBM capable of carrying nuclear warheads and anti-aircraft mobile batteries from Russia. Iran is preparing for war and they mean business.

Last week Iran had war games to test all their new toys, including underwater super-fast torpedoes and as well as super stealthy missiles which cannot be seen by radar. No mention yet of them helping them thousands now homeless in last weeks Earthquakes.

Iran has threatened to blow Israel off the map and nearly has that capability, while also sending insurgents into Iraq to kill US troops and disrupt the new government. Iran may strike the US first as it is a foregone conclusion that this menus cannot go on any longer. Some say things are getting ready to hit the fan. And if anyone’s fan is unplugged well let’s just say it most likely will not be the greatest nation in the World; The United States of America. We plan on defending our nation and if that means pre-emption so be it.

Source by Lance Winslow

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