Is It Crunch Time For Iranian Nuclear Weapons Development Action?

Iran claims on even-odd months that its uranium enrichment is all about creating nuclear power for peaceful means. Of course, that’s their story anytime anyone presses them on the issue, in the meantime they use their nuclear research as a card of “fear” to their neighbors in order to serve their political will. Iran is now at 20% enrichment, and has enough to power up its own reactors, much more and they are really getting into weapons grade stuff very quickly.

Since, Iran has sent mixed messages to the world as to its intentions, we can only assume that its message be taken seriously when it comes to having nuclear weapons capabilities, not just for defense deterrent but also to give to proxy terrorists to do its bidding. Nuclear Weapons are indeed, the most serious of all WMD out there, and Iran has not come clean with the IAEA or the international community.

The concept of Iran enriching its own uranium is a problem due to the “dual use technology” which also can, and in Iran’s case, will be used for nuclear weapons – meanwhile Iran has mid-range intercontinental ballistic missile – bought from China, and now being made in-country. Should the world allow Iran nuclear power, well, Nuclear Power is a fall-back negotiation term, but not without real scrutiny, no more promises.

In the past we’ve always said “trust but verify” and since Iran will not allow the IAEA to verify it must be; No more Trust. How about this; “Don’t Trust and Verify!”

Now it looks like the US is trying to hold out an Olive Branch and doing what we can to extend dialogue – this news story – CBS News “US Dismantling Its Most Powerful Nuke” which ran on October 25, 2011 stated;

” The last of the United States’ most powerful nuclear bombs – a weapon hundreds of times stronger than the bomb dropped on Hiroshima – is being disassembled nearly half a century after it was put into service at the height of the Cold War. The B53 was designed to destroy facilities deep underground, and it was carried by B-52 bombers.”

Dismantling these weapons might put Iran at ease that the US will not go and attack their underground nuclear weapons facilities, but it also takes cards off the table in negotiation. Often, by giving up something, it spurs on the chances to come to negotiated terms, but each time the US gives up something, like China, or Russia in negotiation, they do not reciprocate, thus, it is probably a bad idea to disclose the dismantling of these weapons.

Nevertheless, this is what we usually do prior to rounding up international support for the next level of negotiations. When talks break down, usually economic sanctions occur, if those do not work, next step, and so on. We are running out of time, running out of patience, if Iran cannot recognize this, someone needs to wake them up. It’s time for Iran to stop playing shadow warrior, grow up, and sit down and come clean.

No more promises, no more trickery, no more lies. It’s time to open up and shut down that nuclear weapons manufacturing. If Iran takes their 20% enriched uranium and uses it for nuclear power, then we need cradle to grave verification, not IAEA avoidance, or hacking their computers when they come to visit Iran.

Those are my thoughts today on this sliver of the overall issues in the Middle East. Our computer assessment and decision matrix game theory machine tells me it’s time to use the military option, however this artificial intelligent multi-level 3D chess playing machine should only be one tool of many. Question is; will Iran knock off the juvenile games, or is there a whopping coming soon? Please consider all this.

Source by Lance Winslow

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