How Can We Show Support For Our Troops

Some people have asked me how can they show support our troops. There are a number of ways to show your support. The bottom line is that we must stand up against our enemies and show support for our military. There are many groups in this country that want to destroy the efforts of our troops and our great country. These groups must be stopped.
The following is a list of how you can support our military personnel:

1) Write to Congress/Senate – If you want to support our military, you should write to Congress or the Senate. Write to all the senators and congressman. Tell them to support our troops in Iraq and other military actions around the world. Tell them that they must finish the job in Iraq. Bringing home the military now will send a terrible message to our enemies and will bring down the morale of our troops.

2) Write to our troops or send care packages – Write letters of support to our military. Tell them that you are proud of their duty to our country and that they our doing a great job.
I’ve talked to military families and they have told me that the decreasing support for our military is sending the wrong message to our enemies.

You can also send care packages to our troops. There are a number of ways to send packages to our military. The following link is one resource that you can use: [].

Our troops will appreciate anything that you will do. Our troops need our support more then ever. Lets send a message that we care about them.

3) Tell the Liberal media to back off and start showing support for America – I believe that the CNN’s, CBS’s ABC’s and Minneapolis Star Tribune’s of our media are not telling the American public the truth about Iraq. In my conversations with family members of marines fighting in Iraq, they have told me that our military is easily winning the war in Iraq. They have told me that the liberal media is trying scare the American public and are misrepresenting the truth about the war in Iraq.
These families also told me that the biggest obstacle that our brave soldiers are facing is the media and its campaign against our military.

Many people that I have talked to also told me that they are dumb founded that liberals in America don’t seem to care about the bodies that have been found in mass graves in Iraq. The numbers total in the thousands and are growing daily. They can’t seem to understand the liberal media in this country and their love affair with our enemies.

It seems as if the media is protecting the people who carried out those atrocities. Doesn’t this undermine liberal values (if they have any). Don’t liberals support victims and minority rights? Aren’t liberals supposed to care that women and children were raped, beaten and murdered at the hands of Saddam Hussein’s death squads (prior to our invasion and the liberation of Iraq)?

I guess the liberal media only cares about destroying American values and they don’t care about the people of Iraq. I don’t really care about the reason why we went to Iraq. I feel it was the right decision. A brutal dictator was forced out of power and a country was given its freedom. Now we have learned about the mass murders that took place in Iraq. If we would have listened to the media and liberals in America, tens of thousands more people would have been raped and murdered.

I guess the liberal media would have had blood on their hands. It’s time that America sends these anti-American organizations a message. Turn to Fox news to get your news. CNN will soon get the message and then try to whore themselves to the American public. They will change their tune when the public gets their news elsewhere.

It’s time that we support our troops. I’m sick and tired of not seeing support our troops magnets on cars driven by liberals. Liberals say that they support our troops but they don’t show their support. Supporting our troops is the right thing for every American to do. We are in a fight for our existence and our troops are the ones sacrificing their lives for our existence. The very least we can do is show our support for their actions and bravery.

Source by Anthony Bloch

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